Friday, January 4, 2008

Winter Semester Starts

Ok..So I am back in school. Starting Anatomy & Physiology 2. It was great. The teacher was really nice, she said she didn't care if we layed on the floor, ate food, etc. And she said as long as you make an effort to learn, you won't fail. We had 2.5 pages of notes tonight. And I go back on Tuesday form 6-8pm for another Lecture, and Wed from 6-9 for Lab, and back on Thursday for more Lecture. Its alot, but its fun. And now that Ryan is at the stage where is fussy and full of energy, its so nice to get a break and get out for a while. And to actually get dressed up enough to look decent.
Anyway, we got DVR today. I don't like how its working, very slow. He had to reset the cable box and that takes forever, plus the remote is very sensitive and you have to aim directly at it. I like my old one, you could change channels from anywhere in the room. I guess it will take time to get used to.
Ryan slept through the nigth last night, must be a sign he is starting to feel better. I am hoping by the weekend, we all feel alittle better. Cause I wanna go out and get myself a school bag.

Well I am gonna get ready for bed soon. I am still congested and hope I can actually get some sleep tonight.

Good Night!

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