Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Today is just a blah day. This whole week feels blah. Still no word on the dog. I keep trying to call them. No one is answering the phone at the shelter. I did leave a message though.

School was okay last night. Someone got hit by a car crossing the crosswalk between buildings. It was bad. Tonight is lab, disecting a sheep's heart. And Thursday, no class. My instructor has to go out of town. So YAY!! More study time I guess.

I have like 3 shows taped on my DVR for tonight. So that will be nice to watch them tomorrow.

Ryan is really quite, let me go check on him, BRB!

Im back...that was too cute. He was laying on the floor with his paci and the brown soft blanket. I took him up to bed, so he can nap.

Well nothing really exciting to write about today, so I am gonna go lay down and watch some TV.


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