Monday, January 14, 2008

More Weight??

Ok..I went to my Ob/Gyn today for my annual visit. And I gained 3 lbs. I am sooo soooo upset. I already am very self conscious about my body. I wear baggy clothes to cover up my belly.
Now what gets me is, I only eat 3 meals a day and 1 snack at night. So I am not munching on stuff during the day at all. And I eat Weight Watchers smart ones for lunch. And the three nights a week I have class, I walk around the campus to get to my building (parking is never close) and walk up 5 flight of stairs and drink water for the 2 hours I am there. So why am I not losing it?

Just upset about that. I used to weight 117 lbs before I had Ryan. Now I am a whopping 128 lbs. I know to some people that doesn't seem to be alot, but I am 4'11 so its considered overweight for someone that short.

Anyway, I found out from my visit that I have a narrow pelvic bone, hence why I had a C/S with Ryan. I was really hoping to have a VBAC with the second baby, but I doubt its gonna work. And she gave me the NuvaRing to try as birth control. So we'll see how that goes.

I am gonna go relax for the night.

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