Wednesday, December 7, 2011

9 more days....

While most people are counting down the days till Christmas. I am counting down the days till my surgery.
I am having a hernia repair, and am so nervous. I am not nervous about the surgery, I am not nervous about the pain or recovery, what scares me the MOST is being put to sleep. Apparently I won't be fully asleep, just the "twilight" sleep. But I hate that feeling right before your put out, you get really tired and can't fight it. And then its all out of my control. Having anxiety and panic disorder, being out of control in any situation (ie: flying) makes me so scared. I know that I have to just trust God. I have to know his way is the best way, and no matter what happens, I am in good hands, the Lord's hands. :-)
So only 9, well almost 8 more days left till my surgery. Prayers Needed, if you can spare a few. :-)

And then once that is done, I will be getting excited for Christmas. It is Erik's 1st Christmas, so I am very excited to see both my boys open presents and sit under the tree Christmas morning. Going to Church Christmas Eve, and then having family come in the next day. What more could I ask for? My family is what makes Christmas so special. And I need to find my nativity set, Ryan loves baby Jesus! :-)

So I will keep you all posted! enjoy the Holiday Season!

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