Sunday, January 30, 2011

15 weeks to go??

Well this week I will be hitting 25 weeks of this pregnancy. Actually after this week I only have 14 weeks, since I am doing a C-Section a week early. I can't wait to meet our new baby boy. I have been slacking so much though. With having another child, and taking 2 college classes, I barely have time for myself, let alone time to do the nursery. I do have the crib up, clothes and blankets ready. I just need the essentials, some bedding, curtains, and the dresser/changing table back from Ryan. We have been looking for a dresser for his room, but everywhere I look its like $150-$250 for a small dresser. Its insane. I don't need anything fancy, just 4-5 drawer dresser for a kid.
Well thats about Acid Reflux is starting up again :-(
I think I will get something to eat, watch my DVRed shows (at 11pm...only time I get to myself), then off to bed.

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