Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crazy Dayz...

It has been CRAZY over here at our house! I have had dr's appts, Ryan's school, shopping for gifts, making cookies, making Christmas cards, working, etc, etc.
And ontop of it all, we had an ICE storm!

That is our house covered in ice! So...with being pregnant, doing all that, and having a 4 yr old. I am exhausted!!!!
So...what do I have left to do before Christmas?
- Finish Christmas Shopping.
- Pick up my cards, address them, send them out.
- I work this Saturday.
- Pick up my paycheck from work, cash it.
And then the day after Christmas, my inlaws are coming, which means....CLEANING!!!
Do I ever get a break?? That's what I would like for Christmas...a nice day with nothing to do. :-)

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