Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am not gonna give any names, but I will say its not just one person. Its...people!
Do you ever have people who make comments to you, knowing that it hurts your feelings or makes you feel like crap? I mean I wonder why people do that? I never intentionally say stuff to people unless I am mad. I get this happening to me quite often. Or maybe its the way I take things, but there are just somethings you don't say to people.
I have to say, I am quite happy with my life. I know I can be a debbie downer, its very hard here away from family and friends back in PA. But this is just a stepping stone to success. :-)
I have a beautiful home, a handsome, smart son and husband. A cute lovable dog and cat. And I think I am a pretty cool, fun chick. I have a handful of people, that I can say are my true friends...everyone else....your just acquaintances. HAHAHA!!!

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