Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brewing something good...

YES! I got myself a Keurig Coffee Maker...about damn time. Gosh, they had one of these where I worked back in 2005. So here, she is:

So I am trying to find some good K-Cups. I thought Hot Chocolate would suite all of us. So after 4 stores, I found one: Cafe Escapes Milk Chocolate. Well little did I know they use artificial sweetener. And ME, being the HUGE sweet eater. I can definitely taste the artificial. UGH...it tasted like diet. Hence, while I will never be able to lose weight. I need REAL sugar, and REAL butter, everything REAL. None of this artificial CRAP. So I wasted $10 on yucky hot chocolate. Maybe my son will like it. 

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