Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bad Day

Ok, so I have no idea what that is a picture of..HAHA, but it made me laugh. And I need that today.
Oh and I call her GERTRUDE. HAHA!

My schedule is jam packed, and doing my 500 errands with a toddler is not fun. I have a horrible ear ache, people like to cause drama in my life, and I had to turn down work for my job, something I haven't done yet, and hate to do. I am waiting till 5:30pm, when my husband will be home, and I can lay down in peace and quiet, with a heating pad on my ear. So grateful I have a husband so wonderful. And tomorrow my mom will be here, and she helps me out as much as she can with everything, so I am really excited to have her here.
I just want my husband home, so I can snuggle with him. :-) And tomorrow he is leaving to go to PA for work for a day. I get him back on Thursday. And once again, the weekend will be here, and its back work for me. :-( I need a vaca away from life. Just for a few days. :-)


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