Monday, May 17, 2010

What the....

Heck is going on with me? I work out regularly, take a multi-vitamin, drink lots of water, etc... And the past few days I have been exhausted, nauseous, horrible acid reflux, etc. Its so weird. I haven't done anything differently. And I know, alot of you are probably thinking...hmmm..Is she pregnant?? Um..not that I know of. I don't 100% rule it out, but I am 80% sure I am not. Maybe stress, my anxiety levels have been a bit higher. Not so sure why though. Things in life are good, GREAT!

Well not sure if you can see what time this was posted, probably somewhere around 3:45am. Yeah I woke up with acid reflux. Tried Pepto, tried Prilosec, tried yogurt, and sitting up for an hour. And its been an hour I have been awake. I am sooo tired. And I just don't feel like dealing with this. Its burning so bad, my ear actually hurts and my shoulder. I blame this on the yummy smores pie I made tonight. Oh but it was sooooo good.

Well here's to hoping this clears up soon so I can get some sleep.


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