Wednesday, May 5, 2010

4 more days till Mother's Day!

What do you think you'll get??

Tom told me he got me something (which he totally did not have to, since we are already going to dinner) that was on order, and unfortunately they haven't even shipped it yet. Poor Tom. He said it was something I wanted 3-4 years ago and it was always sold out, but now they have it. Um...I asked him, if I still would like it. My taste changes alot. And 3-4 years ago was a long time. HAHA! But knowing Tom, he is just throwing me for a loop. And here I am checking the front door 10x's a day for this package. HAHA!
Anyway, we are going to The Melting Pot, which is my absolute favorite restaurant. LOVE IT...I crave it like everyday, but $50 bucks per person, we usually only get to go on special occasions. And Ryan loves it too. He was there with us on our Anniversary back in October. And I said to him, "Ryan, we are going to your favorite restaurant on Mommy's Day." And he said "Which one? Olive Garden?" HAHA "No silly...The Meltin' Pot (as he calls it)." And he says..."Ooooooohhhh yeah The Meltin' Pot." We all share one meal, luckily they give you alot of food. And I think Ryan just likes playing with the skewers (since its all fondue).

Well I hope whatever your kids do for you, it will be wonderful. I know just having Ryan in my life is good enough. I know I complain alot, and I am sorry for that, being a mom is NOT EASY, by any means. And I have given up jobs, school, friends, etc. just so I am home with Ryan. Alot of people don't realize what I gave up for him. But his smiles, and jokes, laughter, and hugs...oh it all makes up for it. And I know I don't say that enough, but I love him very very much. And my life just wouldn't be the same without him in it. the tears are coming. HAHA!

Happy Early Mother's Day!

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