Friday, March 5, 2010

Time to Dye

My hair again! Every Spring, I put blonde highlights in my hair. I usually wait till its a bit warmer, but this year I am just dying (no pun intended) to lighten up alittle. :-)
So I bought this last night:
And probably will do it this weekend. Here is a pic from last year, when I went all blonde:

Now I am not looking for that this year. I just want some bleached blonde strands through my hair. And I always do my hair myself. $10.99 compared to $30, $40, $50.  BTW: Look at the picture of me, look at how green the grass was, in most spots (that was at our townhome, but none the less, it was warm and sunny). I want my summer weather!!! WAHHH!!!
Have a Great Friday!!



stephq1218 said...

I'm anxious to see it with the bleach highlights! I think it will look so cute

Leighann said...

Thanks...It didn't turn out quite like the box, think I should have used the cap, but it still looks good.