Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is it Friday yet??

I am so tired today. And I know its the weather effecting me. Its been cold, rainy, cloudy, just down right nasty for the past few days. And I can't seem to find one ounce of energy at all. And I invite all my neighbors to Yoga for tonights class, but I really could use the time to sleep. Actually I can't complain, its a 6:30-7:30pm class. So if I can suck it up for the hour, and enjoy myself, then come home, and just go to bed. Then I might feel better. I have been getting...6-7 hours of sleep. Maybe I need alittle more. Maybe I can get Ryan to nap today. :-)
Can this week drag any slower...geez! I want it to be Friday I can go to bed and sleep alll weekend.
No plans for this week or the weekend. So...why not?

Have a great day!


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