Friday, February 12, 2010

For Valentine's Day...

I thought I would list:
10 Things I Love About Tom!!

1. I love how cute he looks in his PJ pants.
2. He is a great Father!
3. He always makes sure I get everything I want.
4. I love how we cuddle at night.
5. I love how smart he is.
6. I love how he thinks I am beautiful and smart.
7. I love how he loves our pets, even though he won't admit, he loves them all.
8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his laugh. Wish he would laugh more. Not like a small laugh, like an all out hysterical laugh.
9. I love just being with him, and making memories with him.
10. I love how when we do something for the 1st time, like ice skate, and he is amazingly good at it.


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