Tuesday, December 22, 2009


WOW....I am so busy till the new year, its INSANE!!!!!!

Let me sum it up in a nutshell for ya:
TUESDAY (Today) - Get Car inspected, go to the mall to get my mom's bday gift, visit drop off daycare.
WEDNESDAY - Orientation 12pm-5pm
THURSDAY - Bake Cookies, Church at 4pm
SATURDAY - Laundry & Pack
SUNDAY - 8 hour drive to PA
MONDAY - Visit with Tom's Family
TUESDAY - Moms bday and My family visit
WEDNESDAY - Maybe Hershey Park, finish Family Visits
THURSDAY - 8 hour drive to NC, New Years Eve Party
FRIDAY - Unpack, more laundry
SATURDAY - Get my 2nd TB test done at 8am
SUNDAY - Finally a day of nothing
MONDAY - TB test read at 8am

One day out of 2 weeks, that I am actually doing nothing. And I have to get my schedule for work soon, so I may have that after the 4th also.
This kinda scares me...it really does. Oh well..Tis the Season!!!


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