Friday, June 19, 2009

1 more week...

Till we move into our new house. How did it go by so fast?? I have a GREAT week coming up..I am so excited.
Sunday is Father's Day and I really hope Tom likes his gift. We got him a cool lunch bag, since his is old as dirt. I think it even has mold inside..ewww its so nasty.
And then Monday we have to go to the library to return some books.
Tuesday we have our 1st walk through of the house.
Wednesday my parents come down and we are going to the Natural Science Museum.
Thursday is up in the air with what we wanna do: Lake, Outlets, etc...
Friday is settlement/moving day.
Saturday I get my appliances and my parents leave :-( much going on, but I love it, I hate slow boring days. So anyway here is a picture of the house as it looks now, it still needs Navy blue shutters and the door painted navy blue. And some grass and landscaping. :-)

HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND!!! And Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!

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