Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time for a new blog.

Well our house is finally up, it looks like a house finally!

We are so excited. We get to do a walk through next week. This Friday will be 7 more weeks.
I also have my state comp test for my CNA on Monday. I am super nervous about that.

Tom, Ryan and I found some great lakes near us. And we go walking the trails. Its about 2.2 miles. And I was doing soooo good. Then it started with PMS week. And I am sleeping like crazy and eating everything in sight. So that is pushing me back.

Nothing too exciting this week. Its finally raining here. So I am guessing we will be in most of the day. And I just have to focus on my CNA test and STUDY!! Once that's over with, I can relax for a bit. And start packing!! :-)


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