Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lots of stuff going on...

I am done CNA school! YAY! I now am waiting for May 11th, so I can take my state test. Once I pass that I get my certification and am officially a CNA.
In the meantime here is what is going on:
Tomorrow - Seeing Legally Blonde on Broadway (with 5 other girls).
Friday - Dermatology appt.
Saturday - Leaving for PA visit
Sun-Tues - PA
Wed - Leave PA to go back home to NC.

Going for a body wrap and massage when I get back. Going tanning, and getting in shape. I already lost 1 lb., and hopefully more soon.
I got new antidepressant medicine, and feeling pretty good. :-)

So that's that...OH! And only 10 more weeks till I move into my BRAND NEW HOUSE!!!


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