Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hard Times become...Better times

Well I passed all my test for school, and will be going to clinicals in 2 weeks. So everything seems to be going well. But I have to have my Debbie Downer moment:

Back home, they seem to have become consumed by an immature daughter with an unplanned baby that she can't care for. I am sorry that was so rude. But when my child and my life is neglected because of my sister can't run her own life and care for her OWN child. Anyway, I am trying to ignore that and spend time with family and friends here that care about us.
Ryan is doing so well. Just so smart and talks like he is 3, not 2. Its just a shame, someone would not want to spend time with him.
And I was stuck inside all weekend. It rained, literally all weekend, nonstop. And now they are calling for 3-6 inches of snow tonight. CRAZY!!! back to happier moments. I really can't complain, I passed all my test, and thats all I really wanted. So...good times are coming!


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