Saturday, March 7, 2009

God is testing me!

So for Lent, I gave up soda. All soda: Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, 7up, Ginger Ale. All of it. It was something that I craved and could never stop drinking. My all time favorite soda is Vanilla Coke. Now, Coke stopped making it. But some gas stations have fountain soda and have Coke with a spout for Vanilla flavoring. I don't see it that much. Well today, I saw it. UGH...I wanted it so bad. And this isn't the first time God has tested me. I was at the Waffle House with my gf from school. And they had Coke with Vanilla flavoring. And I instantly said..."Oh I'll have that." And my gf stopped me and said "Didn't you give that up for Lent?" AHHHHH....... So I had a chocolate milk. I am strong, and that was partly why I gave up soda. To prove to myself how strong I am. I am doing so well in school, I just feel like I can do anything I want. Its hard, life is hard, but you do have control of your life. And if you push yourself, you can do it. I also gave up soda, to help me lose some weight and help my teeth. And lastly, well firstly (if thats a word) for God. I always think of the crucifixion, and how he went through that for ME! And how many times he has answered my prayers or has just held me or been by my side during hard times. And giving up soda is so hard for me, but I wanted to show God, that I can do this, and its for him. :-)


P.S. - I also do not eat meat on Fridays!

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