Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fiber Kick

Well since my abdominal cramping turned out to be irregularity, I decided to get on the fiber kick. Well I mean did I really have a choice. I need to get myself healthy again. So I use Benefiber (the stuff that mixes in your drink) and Fiber One bars. I love the chocolate mocha bars. So now my health routine consist of Fiber, Fish Oil, no soda, weight watcher meals, ect. I just need to get my behind off the couch and start moving. That brings me to my next topic:

"No Motivation"

I just have no motivation these days. Its just so cloudy and cold out. Okay, Okay, I know..its alot warmer here than in most places. But I just can't spend more than 5 minutes outside when its 30 degrees out. I am so not a winter person. I live for summers!!! And I am just counting down the days!!! I think we are at 148 days left. :-)


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