Saturday, December 13, 2008

What happened to Christmas?

This year, it seems like no one is making an effort to embrace the Christmas Spirit/Season. I only got 2 Christmas Cards, and one was from a dear friend of mine, and the other from my mom's cousin. 2 CARDS?? You all know Christmas is...12 days away?? Maybe they are waiting to get mine? We are going tonight to try for our family Christmas picture again. Yes, again. Last weekend, the place we went to did a horrible job and I refused to buy them. So once I get them done, I will be putting them in the cards and out they go. They are already filled out, addressed and stamped.
So anyway, back to people not in the spirit. Out of hmmm..50 townhomes in my development, only about 10 have some kind of Christmas decoration, and only 2 have lights. TWO!!! What is it with the #2? 2 Cards, 2 Homes with lights??
I just feel like no one cares this year. Maybe its the dump in the economy, who knows. I just hope you all are blessed this Christmas, and hopefully you will embrace in the season!


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Eileen said...

Hey, silly - we haven't sent ours out yet. I'm sure other people are in the same boat. Things get busy and you have to catch snippets of time to write them, address them, stamp them, etc. You know how it is - yours are still at your house too! :)