Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I've been tagged by Katrina to give some info about my hubby and I and here it is!

Husband's Name: Thomas "AKA:Tom"

How Long Married: Four years and 2 months

Dated How Long: 12 months

Taller: HIM...hello? I am 4'11, he is 5'10

Who Can Sing the Best: I have never heard him actually sing. He sings dorky, but that's it. So I will say me.

Smarter: Him...well...yeah him. LOL!

Laundry: Both of us.

Paying Bills: He pays all the bills

Who Sleeps on the Right side of the Bed: I do, he has this huge deal about him sleeping on the left side, cause he is left handed. It doesn't bother what side I sleep on.

Mows the Lawn: He does, when we had a house.

Cooks Dinner: He does, it was a deal we made when I became a SAHM. He would cook. But once I start school, I may have to, cause I have to leave as soon as he gets home. So I have to eat before him.

First to Admit Their Wrong:
Me, he would never. LOL!

Who Kissed First:
He kissed me. It was out of nowhere, on our first date and there was tongue involved.

Who Wears the Pants: I guess both.

My hubby!!:

I tag Eileen!!

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