Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I went Christmas Shopping!!!

Disney store is having 25% off everything. And since Ryan is in LOVE with Wall-e. Here is what I got: (And FYI - I spend less than $30 on all of this)

- Wall-e Pajamas
- Wall-e Action Figure that moves
- Wall-e Snowglobe straw cup. So Cute!
- Wall-e Stuffed Figure
- Wall-e Cell Phone (wall-e calls the phone)

And Ryan hasn't even had a birthday yet. I can't wait to see him get presents and open stuff. He is gonna be so excited.
I came home from shopping, and Ryan was in bed, but started crying. So I went up there, took him out, sat him in his rocker chair with me. And I told him I went to meet with Santa, and I told him Ryan wanted (all the things listed above), and that he had to behave and be good if he wanted Santa to come here. Then I put him back in his crib, and he is alseep. :-)

I am interested in going to a live nativity, so I am gonna keep my eyes peeled for that. I wanna make sure I incorporate the religion aspect of Christmas as well. Although Tom thinks he doesn't understand that yet. Religion is hard to teach kids, cause its based on faith, not actual things you can see. If anyone has any recommendations on how to teach this, it would be greatly appreciated.
Oh and we haven't been to a church here yet. We went to one near our apartment but that is 30-45 mins away now. And the churches here, we are minorities. Its all spanish Catholic churches. So I am holding off for a while.


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