Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well Myrtle Beach, SC was nice. Not what I expected. I expected it to be nicer. But the weather made up for it, it was GREAT! It was hard to get pictures of Ryan's face, he was just loving the beach. He still says to Tom and I "Going to the beach?" and we have to say, "No, the beach went bye bye." So here are some pics:

So what is next for the Platt Family:
Moving - Tom is leaving NC on Wednesday to go to the PA house to get all the furniture there. He will return on Friday and we unload it all into the townhome. Then pick up the stuff in the apartment, and move that into the townhome. So a busy weekend. And Tom's dad is driving back with Tom to help us move.
Dentist - Hopefully soon. I called some on Friday to fit me in this week. I have a horrible toothache.
Gym Class & Library - Ryan is gonna finish his classes here, since our move is 30 mins away.
Doctor's - I have to get my physical form filled out for CNA school.
Halloween Party - Ryan has a Halloween Party at My Gym, its his last day, so we thought we would go.
And of course:
Halloween - Trick or Treating in our new home. Well, temporary, new home.

So that about sums up my month. Don't even get me started on the next two months. That's a whole other blog. LOL!


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