Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm feeling....

Well its either from:

1.) Being totally exhausted and wore out, from having to care for Ryan 24/7 and moving. Tom has been to PA and back last week and this week.

2.) Being at the Pediatricians Office yesterday with Ryan and picking up germs.

3.) Tom not putting the heat on last night and it went down into the 30s.

So, now I am all congested, sore throat, achy, tired, and have that horrible taste in my mouth. I took some Garlic Pills (FYI: best thing if you take it the first day you get sick), and some Motrin. Thankfully we have NOTHING to do today. And I got some books from the library, so I am hoping when / or if Ryan naps today, I can lay down and read my book and relax. Tom leaves tonight for PA again. Tomorrow is settlement. I chose my MIL (Mother-in-Law) as my power of attorney, so I didn't have to drag Ryan all the way down there and find a sitter, etc. So tonight it will just be me and Ryan, and then all day tomorrow and tomorrow night. He should be back some time late tomorrow. And then I have a Dr. Appt tomorrow for my nursing papers for school. They need to be filled out. And Thursday is a NOTHING day. Oh..maybe a mall day, if I feel better. I am literally 5 mins from the mall. That could be a bad thing. Then Friday is HALLOWEEN!! And then Ahhhh....the weekend.
So that's my week. Going to go lay down now.


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