Monday, September 15, 2008

Did ya know?

I thought this was a great idea for a blog. Some of this stuff many of you may not know. So here it goes:

- I had a baby at 25 not only because I wanted one, but also I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was told I could have problems conceiving and if I waited till I was 30, I may not even have a chance. Luckily Ryan was easy to conceive and I hope my next is too.

- We moved to NC, not just cause we liked it here. Tom's job was gonna be lost if he would have stayed in PA. They closed his department and he would have been laid off. To stay at that Merck location, he would not have been able to have flexible hours, and his commute was already an hour long. NC offered us a shorted commute, literally half the time, more pay, and Tom got to stay within the company.

- Not many people in this part (Raleigh) or NC speak with a southern accent. I rarely hear it.

- Yes NC does get snow. I think it was last year they got a foot at one time. It does get that cold.

- I do not have unlimited text messaging.

- I have an addiction to candles, I buy one like once a week.

- I do not drink out of cups from the cupboard, it has to be a disposable cup. Like the plastic or styrofoam.

- I do not drink the bottom of the bottle if its soda. Its always flat.

- I eat 2 chocolate chip waffles every single morning.

- I sweat more out of one armpit..haha (TMI)

- I have never used a match in my life. I only use long lighters.

- I have never been on a roller coaster in my life. I get motion sickness.

- I hate to fly and get really sick before the plane even takes off.

This list could go on, but I will stop it there.

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