Saturday, September 6, 2008


Ok, so Hanna came through, mostly while I was asleep. And nothing exciting happened. The News made way too much hype over this. There was alot of flooded roads, but nothing that got in our way. We went to the Opening of the new convention center today and got lots of freebies. It had a bunch of vendors. So that was fun. Then we came home, and are just chillin out. Its kinda a low key weekend. And actually nothing on the agenda for this week coming up either. Actually looks kinda boring for the next few weeks. Maybe my house will sell!!! Ahhh..wishful thinking!
Well Keep in Touch everyone!


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Eileen said...

It was pretty uneventful up here too - I thought we'd get a lot more rain than we did. It was over by dinnertime but left us with gorgeous weather today!

Hope you guys are doing well! :)