Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Thats how I feel this week. Nothing exciting to report. Just letting our apartment know tomorrow that we will not renew our lease. Its up the end of November. And we are trying to get a townhome to rent before Oct 29th (settlement day), so we have a place for all of our furniture. I can't believe I can't get any realtors at all in NC to show us some rental townhomes. Its ridiculous. I ordered an MP3 online at Walmart and it was back ordered till God knows when. So I canceled my order. And I went to the Walmart store and Target, slim pickings! I ended up not getting anything.
I have to make sure my apartment is all clean, and I have all the necessities for my mother in law's visit. She is flying in on Saturday and leaving Tuesday evening. I am so glad I will have some company and help around here.


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