Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Teething Bites!!

Ryan is teething again. We had a break for a while. But those K9's are taking forever to come through. He hasn't been wanting to eat, and last night he was up till 9:30-10pm. His normal bedtime is 8-8:30pm. So he was off just a bit. And then Tom said he was up at 7am, but he put him back to bed, and he woke up for me around 8am. So not only does he not want to eat or sleep at night, he doesn't want to nap during the day. I have no idea what age kids stop taking naps, but I hope its not for a while, cause its so peaceful and quiet when he naps. So..I blew up the air mattress for his room, so we can lay in there if he has trouble sleeping at nights. And I also thought he would like to try it for naps. I had him laying down, then he comes out of his room. So I yell..."Go back in your room and lay down." (I want him to nap cause we have to go to my drs apt at 2:30pm.) So he goes in his room, slams the door shut. And after about 10 mins, I hear silence so I decide to go check on him, and he is out! Fell asleep on the air mattress. So...we finally went down for a nap. Only bad thing is, its after 2pm already. Poor guy, is gonna have to woken up soon.

So I am off to my family doctor to talk to him about some problems I have been having: 1. Joint pain, especially before my menses. Its in my knees, hips, ankles, wrist, elbows. All over. And 2. My weight. I have been going to the gym, walking the treadmill, running up and down the steps, doing 100 sit ups a day. And I wanna see if I lost weight. I don't see a difference, but that doesn't mean anything. So if I haven't lost any weight, I need to ask him how I can. I don't eat alot. But I am not hungry either. Its not like I starve myself. I usually eat when I am hungry. And I eat small portions. I have cut out soda. So...we'll see. I willbe depressed if I haven't lost any though.

And on to my last topic: A storm is a brewing. One of the TV shows got interupted to tell us a bad storm is on its way, and to phone people you know to warn them. I have never heard that before I am kinda scared. Its suppose to have hail too. So I tried to call Tom and he is not answering his phone or text. So hopefully he calls back soon, cause he has an eye dr. appt after work. What a busy evening. Looks like were ordering dinner out...there goes my diet!


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Momma Will said...

Ethan is teething again too- but he is going to bed later- like 10 or 10:30! The other night it wasn't until 11! And he was up 3 times. Hopefully they both get their teeth cut soon and don't teeth forever!