Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back to....


Yesterday Ryan and I went to the outlets. Very disappointed. They had no good sales, and only like 10 stores in it. The best one was the pet store. We did buy a 3 pack of shirts from Carter's.

Today we had library storytime. And Ryan is napping now. I enjoy my down time soooo much!!

Next week Tom is going to our home in PA to meet with a new realtor. Our old realtor wanted out (aka: no longer wanted to work with us). So when we told him ok, we want to work with another realtor, he refused. He is jerking us around so much. So Tom is gonna get out of the contract with him. No one has even made an offer on our house, and its been on the market for just about 100 days now. So whatever...we need to make a sale, and NOW!!!

Tom, Ryan and I are going to an NC beach the end of July. And in August my parents are flying down for a visit. So lots going on this summer. :-) And hopefully we will be in a new home soon!!


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