Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We're Here!!!

We made it to NC! After an 8 hour car ride with a toddler and cat, we finally made it here. It normally takes 6 hours, but with four accidents around DC and Baltimore, it took much longer.
I love the apartment that Tom picked out, its gorgeous, and over 1100 square feet, so its huge!!

Our furniture is beautiful and so comfortable. We hung up pictures, and it feels so homey. I love coming back home to the apartment. And the screened in porch is so serene. It is on the second floor, and has trees all around. And I hung my moon out there. Its a moon that holds a candle in it, and you hang it up. I love it!
The first night here, I did get a panic attack, took till 2am for my medicine to kick in and I finally fell asleep. But after that, I felt like everything took a 180, and eveything felt happy and wonderful. Ryan has been going to be around 8:30pm (it seems to stay lighter here longer), and waking up around 8:30am. Which is soooo nice.
The stores around here are so new and clean, there are trees everywhere, making it smells so nice. And people are so friendly. I feel like this is the greatest state in US. Ok..second to Hawaii. LOL! Don't even get me started on the beauty of Hawaii, that place just blows me away. Its amazing how gorgeous it is.

So...Tom's parents are planning on coming down in a few weeks. I think the weekend of the 21st. And my parents are coming down in August. I am trying to convince my sister to come with them.

With our home back in PA, we had an open house this past weekend, and also had someone who requested a showing yesterday. So we are praying, something comes through. I don't wanna rush to get a house, I am enjoying this apartment. But just having that piece of mind that its sold, would be nice, plus all the money we would have since we wouldn't be paying a mortgage.

Well I have a Stroller Stride class this morning, so I have to get ready. And Ryan is not eating his breakfast. So...I gotta run, literally, class starts in an hour.



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