Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Backwards? here is an interesting article:

My home seems to be in a buyers market, and where I am moving to seems to be a sellers market. Does this seem BACKWARDS to you??

I am of the Catholic religion, and I have prayed every single day and asked every saint I know of to pray for us. And I just keep the faith and wait!

We have an open house this Sunday and if we get an offer by the end of this month. We can put money down on a house to be built for us. It would be 4 bedrooms and a loft, and the same price we are selling our house in PA for. So not a bad deal. Only thing takes 6 months to build. That's why I am praying we get an offer so we can get our house started in July, and it will be ready just before Christmas. HOW PERFECT??

Of course, my life seems to always go down the road less traveled...and I ended up at a dead end.
Its so hard to stay optimistic, when your life always seems to go the opposite of what you want.

I guess its time to pop another xanax...and go to bed.

Goodnight!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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