Monday, April 7, 2008

First Impressions

Well we finally made it NC for the week. We are staying in Durham (from my impression, not the best place), but luckly not where we are looking to move to. We tried to check into our hotel, and they said it was a smoking room. I HATE cigarette smoke so I said NO! And I told Tom no way, and I took Ryan outside. So Tom comes out and we decided to go to the hotel next door (brand new). We got a great huge room. 2 rooms, flat screen TVs, the whole works. Then I went to a supermarket today, and because I wouldn't buy this black lady food. She called me a dumbass. I was in tears, everyone is so mean in this city. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

My agenda for tomorrow:
1 - Go to the DMV to get drivers NC they make you take a written test.
2 - Check out the Target Greenland (aka SUPER TARGET)
3 - Maybe get a strep throat test at the minute clinic at CVS
4 - Meet Tom in Raleigh to meet the realtor to look at homes!!

Here's to a better 1st impression!!!

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