Wednesday, April 2, 2008


That pretty much explains how my life has been lately. Let me lay it down for ya:
This week: Monday had 2 realtors at our house and had to clean all day. Tuesday went to Coventry Mall. Today went to Exton mall with my sister and her baby to get pics done. Tomorrow I have to go to Walmart to look for summer clothes for Ryan, NC is in the 70s right now, and we will be there next week. And I have an appt for my cat to get his shots updated so I can board him next week. Friday I am going out to Party City to look for decorations for my dad's birthday and I have to pack. Saturday my parents and sister are coming over and I am having a little party for my dad's 50th birthday, and I have to do laundry. And Sunday we are leaving for NC until the following Saturday. Then it will be 5 weeks until we move to NC. This is going way too fast...and I am getting motion sickness. HAHA! Seriously though, I have been having butterflies like crazy. Speaking of butterflies...I might decorate my master bath in butterflies. I just want a comforting home, and a place that feels serene!
Well I am gonna relax for the free time I do have.


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