Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Enrichment Academy

Well today was the first day of Ryan's class at the Enrichment Academy. It is every Wednesday from 9:45am-10:30am. And I was glad Ryan wasn't the only one working around a nap time.
But he did great, didn't fuss or anything. He ran around alot. Its a huge room.
And we started out by introducting ourselves and making a big snowman as a group, then we had free play with toys. Then we had art time. Ryan made a picture with snowflakes and colored some mittens. Then we did the parachute game. Thats FUN!! All the kids sit in the middle, and you pull them around. Then we sang a song, and then it was time to go. Ryan met a girl names Grace. It was so cute. I am so excited to let him interact with kids. And I can stand off to the side. He does very well. He will stop sometimes and look for me, but then I smile and wave, and he is ok.

Then we had to make a stop at the post office, and came home, ate lunch, now the little booger is sleeping. I think I am gonna go lay down too. I have my 3 hour lab class tonight. I really don't feel like going. Its the same stuff we did last night, and I hate the cats, OMG do they smell. And its so yucky and gross. I feel like I can't eat any food with my hands for like a week. And next week I have a Lecture Exam on Tuesday (100 Questions) and a Lab Practical on Wednesday (100 Questions). I know what I am dong this weekend. STUDYING!!!

Ok..Have a wonderful day, and try not to get blown away!

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Eileen Tully said...

Yay! So glad you guys had fun. We did a little "music time" playgroup last week that Jack loved too. I swear he would have been happy just running around a big empty room with other kids! It's so cute to watch them interact, isn't it?